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Global Paws is one of the most reputable pet travel companies worldwide and we were the first IPATA member in South Africa.


Hello & Welcome! We are so glad you have found us. We are looking forward to getting to know you and your pets.

Global Paws is here to safely and ethically take care of the entire process of your pet relocation needs. This means we will manage all your pets’ flights, veterinary requirements for overseas pet travel, origin and destination ground transportation, kennelling and much more.

Whether it is dog transport or cat transport that you are looking for, you can be confident that you’ve reached South Africa’s leading pet movers.

We have been providing reliable pet travel and animal moving services professionally since 1986 so you can imagine just how much experience, knowledge and understanding we have to offer you, read more About us.

We provide animal relocation services within South Africa and international transportation to and from anywhere in the world, read more Pet travel and animal relocation. Besides domestic pet shipping services and international pet travel services, we are also able to assist with the import of pets into South Africa and surrounding SADC countries. If your pet is transiting through South Africa we are able to arrange onward flights to all African and other international destinations and manage all your pet transit requirements.

What’s important to you?

  • Your comfort – We will provide you with professional and up to date pet travel guidance
    and expertise concerning your destination country’s specific requirements …read more
  • Your funds – invest with us, the professional company that charges an honest price for an above standard service. Our price does not compromise the level of service we supply or the care provided to your pets …read more
  • Your time - If you are a busy person, and finding time is difficult for you, let us supply you with an all-inclusive pet relocation service …read more
  • Your peace of mind – The safety of your pets is the most worrying aspect of your animal’s relocation experience and this is the reason why it is important that you deal with a professional and down to earth pet travel company, who will put your pet’s comfort, safety and needs above all else …read more
  • Uniqueness - Why are we the preferred travel agency and what else does Global Paws offer that is unique? …find answers here
  • Our company motto is: HOME IS WHERE YOUR PET IS. Every decision we make is based on this statement as we honestly believe that a pet completes a family. Every day we send or receive pets, either from international or local destinations, and see that the reunion with beloved furry friends is a very emotional and rewarding event for both the pet and its family. We are and will always be happy to take part in this unique experience.

    We are looking forward to your call!


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    Office phone +27 (0) 11 100 7400
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