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Global Paws Pet Transport Services

Welcome to Global Paws, your trusted partner in pet relocation. With a deep-rooted passion for what we do, we're dedicated to providing exceptional service to our clients and their beloved pets. Whether it's domestic or international pet travel, we understand the importance of ensuring a seamless journey for every furry friend. Passionate about what we do, we are committed to being the very best we can be, ensuring that our motto - HOME IS WHERE YOUR PET IS - remains not just a phrase but a living reality!

Pet Travel Services

Professional Care For Your Pets

Dog and Its Owner

Global Paws manages every aspect of international pet travel, including arranging your pet’s flights and providing travel crates. We will guide you through your specific country requirements and we will provide you with detailed veterinary time schedules.

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Global Paws, pet courier service in South Africa, will arrange for your pet’s domestic flight and provide you with the airline approved pet travel crates. Our fleet of pet courier vehicles is fully insured, branded and air-conditioned.

safe pet transport with Global Paws

Global Paws offers import services for pets travelling to South Africa and road transport to neighbouring countries. We can arrange your animal travel - onward flights to other African destination as well as offer transit services via JNB airport.

Online petshop

Settling into a new home with pets? 
Welcome to Global Paws NEW Online Pet Shop! Explore our start-up packages for all their needs, plus essential household items like universal electric plugs. Shop confidently for high-quality products prioritizing your pet's well-being and your convenience. Give your pet (and yourself) the warm, hassle-free welcome you both deserve.

Home Is Where Your Pet Is

This is our motto that guides every decision we make, reflecting our belief that pets are integral members of the family. Whether we're facilitating the travel of pets to or from international or local destinations, witnessing the heartwarming reunions between furry companions and their families fills us with joy. It's a privilege to play a role in these special moments, and we're dedicated to continuing to do so.

Cat & dad
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Pet courier services
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Travel Route – Johannesburg to

Auckland, New Zealand


Good evening Marlene Hope you are well. Yesterday was the best day of our lives! On the way to fetching Mia yesterday we received a phone call from Quarantine that one of the pets she traveled with was sick and they were not able to let her go home and we received the news that the country was going on lockdown. So on our way back home Quarantine phoned back we could come fetch her and I definitely shed a tear! When we arrived we were not allowed in due to the Covid 19. We waited for them to bring her and the rest is history. She has settled in really good. She slept with us in the bed under the covers last night which is her favourite. She is purring and talking lots to us. We are just so happy!!!

baby happy to see pet after traveling with Global Paws


Travel Route – Cape Town to

Manchester, UK

Hi Karen Thanks so much for all your help, all went well and we all arrived safely. Please see attached picture of very happy baba with Lexi! Kind regards Marisha van Zyl

safe pet travel crate with Global Paws

Karyn Kershaw

Travel route - Cape Town to

Melbourne, Australia

Dear Marinda, Yesterday we fetched Charlie and Jessie from the Coolengatta airport and I just wanted to thank you for all of your help in getting them from Cape Town to Australia!! We really appreciate all of your help!! The kids were so excited to have them here and it has made our house a home again. Have a great day Kind regards Karyn Kershaw

couple walking their dog

Grant & Kerry


Travel Route -  Johannesburg to

Dublin, Ireland

Hi Leanna Goldie and Paws have settled in very well thanks and I have attached some photo’s of them and their new hometown. They are very happy and love to be tucked-up warm. They also love their walks every day which is about 3km but sometimes it’s extremely cold (like -5) but they are doing really well. When we picked them up from Dublin they were so happy to see us they cried all the way home for three hours. The photo’s are of them and the area around us where we walk and their new house (ours) is in the middle of the street and houses photo. Please also know that we are very happy and thankful for all you and the team did for us and our two lovely girls and for making this all possible. We will definitely recommend Global Paws to all those we know. Thanks and regards, Grant and Kerry Smith

we care


Our journey began in 1989 when a kenneling client from our well-established Snowpine Kennels requested that we transport their furry companion to Europe. Having previously navigated the intricacies of international pet imports for our own beloved animals, we embraced the challenge. With determination, we successfully relocated our first canine friend, and thus, the seed was planted for Global Paws.

As we reflect in the soothing shade of the mighty Oak we've nurtured, observing our team of experts integral to this journey, we are quietly confident that this Oak will continue to mature. The tiny acorns it produces will, in turn, be nurtured into beautiful Oaks.

Passionate about what we do, we are committed to being the very best we can be, ensuring that our motto - HOME IS WHERE YOUR PET IS - remains not just a phrase but a living reality!


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Monday - Friday 9:00 - 16:30

Local, International and Import  Pet Travel Services

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