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“An animal’s eyes have the power to speak a great language.”

- Martin Buber

Testimonial 1 - Rosie 2.jpeg


Travel Date: 14.05.24
Travel Route – Johannesburg to Dublin

Dear Marinda, It was magical seeing our little Rosie again. I have attached a few photos and a video. Having her here with us gives us another piece of home. I will definitely share our experience as it was a wonderful one and I was super impressed with the efficiency and care in all our dealings. You were stellar in every aspect. The import agency was also excellent, and Rosie was treated with great empathy and care while waiting for us to collect her. She was walked so she could relieve herself and was given water. We were met with warmth and patience. Thank you again for everything Marinda. I will rate you soonest. Many blessings Michelle Byrne

Testimonial 2 - Ben & Bella.jpg


Travel Date: 16.04.24
Travel Route – Cape Town to Frankfurt

Dear Monique, It’s difficult to put into words what you’ve done for my two dogs Ben and Bella and me, and frankly, I was rather sceptical of the whole idea of them re-locating from SA to Germany. However, you did an EXCELLENT job and managed the whole journey from start to end in a very professional manner, truly AMAZING. You answered all my (many) questions accurately and timely, and everything happened exactly the way you had outlined before. I am most impressed! When Ben and Bello arrived at my house in Germany yesterday, after a 22 hours trip, they were behaving quite normally, no signs of stress or anxiety, just pure happiness! To me this was a clear sign of how well they’ve been treated during the journey both by Global Paws as well as your business partner Gradlyn. I could’ve not wished for a better consultant and I wish to thank you most warmly for all your support! All the best to you and keep up your excellent work. Kind regards from Germany, Sergej

Testimonial 3 - Toffie.png


Travel Date: 26.02.24
Travel route - Cape Town to Aukland

Hi Elsabe, I hope you had a good Easter Weekend - I have been meaning to send you this email for a while but it's just been very busy. I am VERY UPSET that everyone does not use Global Paws to fly their fur baby over to NZ. (or anywhere else for that matter!) I want to thank you and the team from the bottom of my heart for the incredible work that you do. Especially Toinette who made it her personal mission in life to keep us updated around the clock, she went out of her way (working over weekends and responding to mails in our time zone even). I don't have enough words to say thank you. I am going to write this next part in Afrikaans as it comes from my heart. Dankie viralles wat julle vir my Wilson Toffie gedoen het - ons hoor riller stories van ander mense en hoe dinge verkeerd gegaan het met hulle diertjies. Van ekstra kostes tot besighede wat basies verwag jy moet self die papierwerk doen. Julle is 'n uitstekende span en ek sal defnetief my offie weer aan julle toevertrou. En asb - gee vir Toinette 'n lekker bonus die jaar - sy is regtig goud werd! Groete, Lisa, Liam en Wilson Toffie

Testimonial 4 - Miley.jpeg


Travel Date: 01.02.24
Travel Route -  Johannesburg to London

Dear Toinette, Thank you for the email. We were so excited to see Miley. This process is extremely complex and stressful. However, we could not have chosen a better company and team to assist us and make it an easier process. Your service was outstanding. I can't thank you enough. You answered all my questions in detail and quickly. Assisting us with the paperwork to ensure it was all in order made the process easier. I would highly recommend your company to anyone who will be travelling with their pets, and I would highly recommend you Toinette. Thank you again. I have attached a photo of us with Miley. Kind regards, Hayley


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