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Our Country Requirements pages provide an overview of essential steps for pet travel, contacting us a few months before your intended travel date is crucial to avoid delays. Country requirements can change unexpectedly, so working with one of our dedicated pet travel consultants early on ensures you have the most up-to-date information. Trust in our expertise for accurate information, and reach out immediately if you encounter conflicting advice. Your pet's wellbeing remains our top priority.

Your pet’s veterinary preparation period differs from country to country, this preparation period could be anything from 1 – 7 months.

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Please get in touch with our office for the latest requirements if the country you're interested in is not listed. We're here to help!

Basic requirements for cats & dogs leaving 
South Africa

  • Pets need to have an ISO approved microchip for identification, that was implanted before or on the same day as the Rabies vaccination.

  • All pets must receive a Rabies vaccination, which should be administered at least 30 days before travel but no more than 1 year prior.

  • Some countries require Import Permits that must be obtained from the destination country.

  • A health examination and Health Certificate performed by a private vet are necessary before departure.

  • In many cases, it's necessary to have the Health Certificate endorsed by the official State Vet once a private vet has completed the health examination and their section on the document.

Pets travelling to a non-European country via any European port

  • European requirements state that pets travelling via any European Port must meet European import conditions:

  • Pets must have a microchip implanted before or on the same day as their Rabies vaccination.

  • Pets require a Rabies Titre blood test, based on a blood sample drawn at least 30 days but not more than 1 year after a Rabies vaccination. These test results must be older than 3 calendar months or 92 days, prior to the export of the pet. 

  • Pets require two Health Certificates: a European Health Certificate for transit through the European port and another Health Certificate for their final destination.

  • All import conditions of the destination country must still be met according to that country’s requirements.

  • Our experienced consultants will guide you step by step through your pet’s travel preparation. 


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