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Embarking on international pet travel is quite a different ball game compared to our human travel experiences. It's not just a matter of booking a flight; there are country rules, airline regulations, and veterinary requirements that need attention before your pets can take off.
At Global Paws, we're here to offer friendly and up-to-date advice on moving your furry companions internationally. Our team is committed to ensuring you and your pets have a smooth journey, reuniting you all in your new home.

Compliance with your destination country's veterinary rules is essential. Your consultant will inform and guide you through the specific country requirements, providing a provisional Travel Timeline and Itinerary once the travel date is confirmed.

Your dedicated consultant team will carefully select the most pet-friendly routing and airlines for your pet's flight. While they are working on your quote, they will provide you with different routing and airline options to suit your needs.
Please be aware that flights for animals can only be booked approximately 10 - 21 days in advance, each airline has their own booking window that we must adhere to. However, it's advisable to initiate veterinary preparations and communication with your consultant several weeks or even months before your pet's intended date of travel. To avoid disappointment, the sooner you start working with a consultant team the better.
Once the flight booking has been requested, the airline will contact the consignee (either yourself, the clearing agent, or the person appointed by you to collect at the destination) for the "Okay to forward" confirmation. This process allows the airline to confirm the recipient of your pets at the destination and ensure awareness of the arrangements. Upon receiving the "Okay to forward," your pet's flight will be confirmed and booked.
Your consultant team will provide you with your pet's Timeline and Flight Itinerary, along with their “ticket number” (Air Waybill Number – AWB), facilitating a smooth and well-organised travel experience for your furry companion.

working with your dedicated consulting team

Working closely with your consultant team is like having a personal guide for your pet's journey. They will collect information about you and your pets, ensuring all details are in order. Submit copies of your pets' vet documents promptly and complete the required forms with your contact details and pet specifications.

Adhering to your country’s veterinary requirements

Booking your pet’s international flight

Modern and innovative services and products

Beyond logistics, we offer products to enhance your pet's travel experience, including our special Pet Travel Bedding. Explore our CareTags, a comprehensive tool featuring appointment diaries, vaccine organizers, and a lost pet reunion feature.
Our commitment to excellence includes a 48-hour quote return policy where possible, a dedicated customer care liaison, post-service surveys, and vigilant team managers overseeing each pet's journey. Our 24-hour emergency contact line is always available to address any concerns.

Choosing a wooden or a plastic travel crate

Choosing between a wooden travel crate or a plastic travel crate for your pet? At Global Paws, we've got you covered with top-notch options tailored to the highest safety and durability standards.
Our skilled manufacturing team specializes in crafting wooden IATA-approved Pet Travel Crates that ensure your pet's safety and comfort during their journey. Alternatively, we can source high-quality plastic travel crates for those with a preference.
While wooden travel crates are typically considered for one-time use, some countries may require incineration. However, due to the robust construction of our crates, proper storage allows for reuse.
Explore our Pet Travel Crate section on our website to view images of our travel crates, learn more about their compliance with IATA standards, or find guidance on how to measure your pet for a perfect fit.
At Global Paws, we prioritize your pet's safety and comfort, offering tailored solutions for their travel crate needs.

Supplying your own travel crate

If you're providing your own travel crate, kindly send us a photo along with the external dimensions in centimetres. This allows us to verify compliance with both IATA regulations and any additional requirements imposed by the airlines. While airlines strictly adhere to IATA regulations, they may also have their own specific guidelines. This precaution ensures that your crate meets all necessary criteria for acceptance by the airlines, averting potential last-minute issues. We recommend thoroughly cleaning your pet's crate well in advance, assembling all components, and checking door mechanisms to prevent any surprises. If you don't have two water bowls that securely fit inside the door, please let us know; we can provide them if needed, along with our special Pet Travel Bedding for added comfort during the journey.

Embrace the opportunity to crate train your pet with the Traveller Comfort Pack

If you've opted for our Traveller Comfort Pack, we take care of the logistics for you. We'll deliver the travel crate to your doorstep upon request or at least two weeks before your pet's departure. For those not choosing the comfort pack, worry not – we'll bring the travel crate along when we collect your pets on the day of their journey.
Inside your standard Pet Travel Crate, you'll find two water bowls and a water absorbent pad. Opting for the Traveller Comfort Pack also grants you access to our superior quality Pet Travel Bedding, and herbal calming collar for your dogs and calming paste for your cats, ensuring your furry friend travels in utmost comfort.
For a personal touch, consider placing one of your worn t-shirts (an item with a familiar scent), or your pet's own blanket into the travel crate. This helps create a sense of familiarity and reassurance for your pet during the journey.

Working with a private vet

Occasionally, veterinarians or their receptionists may offer outdated advice regarding pet travel. While their expertise lies in healing and maintaining your pets' health, they may not be well-versed in the intricacies of pet travel arrangements and the different country requirements. It's essential to recognise that their primary role is veterinary care, not acting as pet travel agents. Therefore, we strongly advise entrusting your pet travel consultant team to navigate through the specific requirements of your destination country.

Outlined below are common mistakes that vets may make. If you're collaborating with your vet, ensure they are aware of the following:


  • Microchips must be implanted prior to or on the same day as administering the rabies vaccination.

  • Accurate recording and administering of vaccinations by a registered veterinarian in your pet’s vaccination booklet.

  • Do not draw blood for the TITRE rabies blood test less than 31 days after the last rabies vaccination.

  • Ensure accurate completion of the blood test submission forms, paying particular attention to dates and microchip numbers. This precautionary step helps prevent expensive reprints and in some instances, redoing the blood tests.

Applying for an import permit

An import permit is necessary for many countries across Africa, North and South America, the Middle East, and Asia, as well as for destinations like Australia and New Zealand. However, for specific guidance tailored to your destination, we recommend visiting our country requirements page and consulting with our team of pet travel specialists.

If your destination country necessitates an import permit, please take note of the following:

  • Import permits must be acquired directly from the destination country.

  • It's essential to apply for import permits well in advance of your pets' departure date, as processing times vary and may take several weeks or several months depending on the issuing country.

  • Each import permit has a specific validity period, meaning your pet must travel before the permit expires.

  • Import permits outline the specific requirements of the destination country, and compliance with these requirements is crucial. 

  • Import permits are valid for a single use, so a new permit is required for each subsequent trip.

  • Sometimes, separate permits and health certificates may be necessary for cats and dogs.

  • In general, pets can travel with a copy of the permit, provided that the original permit is presented upon the pet's arrival.

As departure day approaches, we finalize paperwork, collect vet documents, and ensure everything is in order. Our Animal Handler will collect your pets on departure day, providing a track-and-trace link for your peace of mind.

Upon arrival, you have the option to handle customs and collect your pets or let us arrange a clearing agent on your behalf, ensuring a smooth transition for your pets in their new home.

At Global Paws, our goal is to make international pet travel stress-free and enjoyable for both you and your furry companions. It's not just a journey; it's about creating lasting memories of safe and comfortable adventures.

Testimonial 1 - Rosie 2.jpeg


Travel Date: 14.05.24

Travel Route – Johannesburg to


Dear Marinda, It was magical seeing our little Rosie again. I have attached a few photos and a video. Having her here with us gives us another piece of home. I will definitely share our experience as it was a wonderful one and I was super impressed with the efficiency and care in all our dealings. You were stellar in every aspect. The import agency was also excellent, and Rosie was treated with great empathy and care while waiting for us to collect her. She was walked so she could relieve herself and was given water. We were met with warmth and patience. Thank you again for everything Marinda. I will rate you soonest. Many blessings Michelle Byrne

Testimonial 2 - Ben & Bella.jpg


Travel Date: 16.04.24

Travel Route – Cape Town to


Dear Monique, It’s difficult to put into words what you’ve done for my two dogs Ben and Bella and me, and frankly, I was rather sceptical of the whole idea of them re-locating from SA to Germany. However, you did an EXCELLENT job and managed the whole journey from start to end in a very professional manner, truly AMAZING. You answered all my (many) questions accurately and timely, and everything happened exactly the way you had outlined before. I am most impressed! When Ben and Bello arrived at my house in Germany yesterday, after a 22 hours trip, they were behaving quite normally, no signs of stress or anxiety, just pure happiness! To me this was a clear sign of how well they’ve been treated during the journey both by Global Paws as well as your business partner Gradlyn. I could’ve not wished for a better consultant and I wish to thank you most warmly for all your support! All the best to you and keep up your excellent work. Kind regards from Germany, Sergej

Testimonial 3 - Toffie.png


Travel Date: 26.02.24

Travel route - Cape Town to


Hi Elsabe, I hope you had a good Easter Weekend - I have been meaning to send you this email for a while but it's just been very busy. I am VERY UPSET that everyone does not use Global Paws to fly their fur baby over to NZ. (or anywhere else for that matter!) I want to thank you and the team from the bottom of my heart for the incredible work that you do. Especially Toinette who made it her personal mission in life to keep us updated around the clock, she went out of her way (working over weekends and responding to mails in our time zone even). I don't have enough words to say thank you. I am going to write this next part in Afrikaans as it comes from my heart. Dankie viralles wat julle vir my Wilson Toffie gedoen het - ons hoor riller stories van ander mense en hoe dinge verkeerd gegaan het met hulle diertjies. Van ekstra kostes tot besighede wat basies verwag jy moet self die papierwerk doen. Julle is 'n uitstekende span en ek sal defnetief my offie weer aan julle toevertrou. En asb - gee vir Toinette 'n lekker bonus die jaar - sy is regtig goud werd! Groete, Lisa, Liam en Wilson Toffie

Testimonial 4 - Miley.jpeg


Travel Date: 01.02.24

Travel Route -  Johannesburg to


Dear Toinette, Thank you for the email. We were so excited to see Miley. This process is extremely complex and stressful. However, we could not have chosen a better company and team to assist us and make it an easier process. Your service was outstanding. I can't thank you enough. You answered all my questions in detail and quickly. Assisting us with the paperwork to ensure it was all in order made the process easier. I would highly recommend your company to anyone who will be travelling with their pets, and I would highly recommend you Toinette. Thank you again. I have attached a photo of us with Miley. Kind regards, Hayley


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