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local pet transport within south africa

Welcome to Global Paws Domestic Pet Travel Service, your reliable partner in flying your pets to major South African airports.
Knowledge is key to making informed decisions. Take a look at the following points to ensure you're well-prepared:

Meeting veterinarian travel requirements

Domestic airlines require dogs and cats to have valid up-to-date rabies and annual vaccinations. This means the vaccinations must be older than 14 days but younger than 1 year.
Please note that three-year rabies vaccinations are not accepted for local pet travel.
If your pet's rabies or annual vaccinations have expired or they've never received them, new vaccinations must be administered, and the pet can only travel 14 days after the vaccinations have become valid.

Working with your dedicated consultant team

Your dedicated consultant team will reach out to you to gather all the necessary travel information specific to your pet relocation needs.
To ensure smooth processing, you'll be requested to provide copies of your pets’ veterinary documentation. This will enable your consultant team to assess your pet’s travel preparedness and offer appropriate guidance.

Loan crate system

We operate a convenient loan travel box system between our Johannesburg and Cape Town branches.
Our skilled manufacturing team specializes in crafting wooden IATA-approved Pet Travel Crates that ensure your pet's safety and comfort during their journey. Alternatively, we can source high-quality plastic travel crates for those with a preference.
Explore our Pet Travel Crate section on our website to view images of our travel crates, learn more about their compliance with IATA standards, or find guidance on how to measure your pet for a perfect fit.
At Global Paws, we prioritize your pet's safety and comfort, offering tailored solutions for their travel crate needs.

Supplying your own travel crate

If you're providing your own travel crate, kindly send us a photo along with the external dimensions in centimetres. This allows us to verify compliance with both IATA regulations and any additional requirements imposed by the airlines. While airlines strictly adhere to IATA regulations, they may also have their own specific guidelines. This precaution ensures that your crate meets all necessary criteria for acceptance by the airlines, averting potential last-minute issues. We recommend thoroughly cleaning your pet's crate well in advance, assembling all components, and checking door mechanisms to prevent any surprises. If you don't have two water bowls that securely fit inside the door, please let us know; we can provide them if needed, along with our special Pet Travel Bedding for added comfort during the journey.

Embrace the opportunity to crate train your pet with the Traveller Comfort Pack

If you've opted for our Traveler Comfort Pack, we take care of the logistics for you. We'll deliver the travel crate to your doorstep upon request or at least two weeks before your pet's departure. For those not choosing the comfort pack, worry not – we'll bring the travel crate along when we collect your pets on the day of their journey.

Inside your standard Pet Travel Crate, you'll find two water bowls and a water absorbent pad. Opting for the Traveler Comfort Pack also grants you access to our superior quality Pet Travel Bedding, and herbal calming collar for your dogs and calming paste for your cats, ensuring your furry friend travels in utmost comfort.

For a personal touch, consider placing one of your worn t-shirts (an item with a familiar scent), or your pet's own blanket into the travel crate. This helps create a sense of familiarity and reassurance for your pet during the journey.

Booking Your Pet’s Flight

We offer the flexibility of flying your pets to all major South African airports or transporting them by road if we have a scheduled trip passing through your collection and delivery points. Please consult our office or stay updated through our social media channels for information on upcoming road trips.

Once your booking is confirmed, your consultant will provide you with your pet’s flight itinerary, including their ticket number (Air Waybill Number – AWB).

Departure Day Process

  • Our Animal Handler will contact you directly 1 – 2 days before collection to arrange the collection time.

  • Our Animal Handler will collect your pets from your residence on the day of their departure, unless kennelling is required prior to travel.

  • Please avoid feeding your pets a large meal on the day of departure; a small snack or treat is more suitable. This helps prevent any discomfort or messy situations during travel.

  • Cats, known for their intuitive behavior, may try to disappear on the day of collection. Keep them securely closed in a room from the evening before the scheduled collection to avoid any last-minute surprises.

  • Pets must be checked in at the airline several hours (usually 2 hours) before their departure time. Our Animal Handler will inform you once your pets have been checked in for their flight.

  • Your consultant will follow up with you upon your pet’s arrival and again a few days later to ensure they are settling into their new environment smoothly.

Arrival at Destination

You have two options for collecting your pets upon arrival:

Collecting Pets Yourself:


  • After the flight has arrived, the consignee (person collecting the pet) should go to the airline cargo section at the destination airport.

  • Present the Air Waybill number and your ID or passport to the counter staff.

Global Paws or Partnered Travel Agency Collection:


  • Our Animal Handler will retrieve your pet from the airline, clean its travel crate if necessary, and inform you of the arrival time at your residence.

Testimonial 1 - Bubbles and Gizzy.jpg

bubbles & gizzy

Travel Route – Johannesburg to

Cape Town


Hi there, Thank you for the amazing service and kindness shown towards my fur babies. They are doing so well and adapting well. I will definitely leave a review 6 stars Kind Regards Ana

Testimonial 2 - Pippa.jpg


Travel Route – Cape Town to


Hi Monique, Baie dankie vir julle uitstekende werk. Pippa is veilig by die huis en baie gelukkig. Sal julle definitief aanbeveel vir ander. Weereens baie dankie! Lize Malan

Copy of Copy of Low High Vellies - GEMS (2).png

Skylar, Ava, Mila & Luna

Travel route - Cape Town to


Hi Monique, I would like to thank you so much for the excellent service received and please thank the team involved as well. The fur babies are settling in well in to their new home. Thank you so much for keeping me updated throughout the whole process, from bookings, getting vet books ready and during their trip. You made me feel very at ease leaving my babies in your teams care. I will post feedback on social media as soon as I can. Kind regards, Geraldine White

Test 3a.jpg

Rinkie & Nowel

Travel Route -  Johannesburg to East


Hi Monique, They are settling very well, thank you. They love the extra land and the bigger house. When they arrived I kept them in one room but let them out on the second day and they loved it. Nowel is still scared of the dogs but Rinkie out up a fight with one of them, the dogs ignore them now as they roam around Attached are the pics - they are soo cute. Regards, Nomvuyo


Opening Hours

Monday - Friday 9:00 - 16:30



Local, International and Import  Pet Travel Services

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