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Membury Kennels


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At Global Paws, we consider ourselves fortunate to have a partnership with Membury Kennels and Cattery, sharing their dedication to animals and commitment to maintaining the highest standards of care.

Upon arriving at Membury, you'll immediately notice the order and cleanliness, reflecting their attention to detail. Every cat and dog that boards at Membury receives love and quality care from the moment they arrive until they depart.

Membury is committed to providing modern and comfortable accommodation for pets, boasting architect-designed kennels that are spacious, clean, and tidy. This dedication contributes to the VIP (Very Important Pet) status enjoyed by their guests.

Recognised as one of the premier kennels and catteries in South Africa, simply being at Membury is an exceptional experience for pets and their owners alike.

The dog kennels

The kennels provide generous space, ensuring comfort and freedom for each guest. Dogs from different families are never housed together, ensuring a personalised experience for every pet. Additionally, the facility can accommodate families with more than two pets, offering spacious kennels to meet their needs.


The sleeping quarters are situated indoors, providing a cosy and secure environment for a restful night.


Dogs are treated to two nutritious meals daily, featuring high-quality pellets. Any special dietary requirements are gladly catered to and should be arranged in advance for their comfort and well-being.

Exercise Areas

There are ten distinct exercise zones available for pets to stretch their legs and have some fun.

Heated Kennels

Heat lamps are available for added comfort and warmth.


Grooming services can be arranged upon request.

Flea & Tick Control

All pets must be treated before arrival.


For the safety of all guests, valid rabies, standard canine vaccinations, and kennel cough vaccinations are required prior to boarding.

The cattery

Clients are welcomed to explore the expansive indoor cattery, where their beloved feline friends will discover abundant space for play, relaxation, and exploration. With ample room to roam, climb, and unwind, cats will feel right at home in this comfortable and inviting environment.


Each cat has their own space, complete with soft beds, private litter boxes, and scratching posts.


At Membury Kennels & Cattery, feline guests are provided with a high-quality diet, featuring options like Hills or Royal Canin available round the clock. Evening treats may include Pamper, Lucky Pet, or Whiskas sachets, depending on preference. Special dietary needs are happily accommodated and must be prearranged.

Exercise Areas

The cattery opens up to allow more active cats the opportunity to enjoy some outdoor time in the garden, where they can indulge in activities like rolling in the grass, playing, or simply basking in the sun.

Heated Cattery

Yes, heated accommodation is available for those chilly days and nights.

Flea & Tick Control

All pets must be treated before arrival.


For the safety of all guests, valid rabies and standard feline vaccinations are required prior to boarding.


Opening Hours

Monday - Friday 9:00 - 16:30



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