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At Global Paws, we feel incredibly grateful to be partnered with Snowpine Kennels and Cattery. Together, we share a deep commitment to the well-being of animals and strive to uphold the utmost standards of care.

Michelle Emin, the proud owner of Snowpine Kennels and Cattery, has had a lifelong passion for animals. In 1994, Michelle and Chris, who sadly passed away in 2021, took over the kennels, and since then, they've put in endless effort to transform it into the exceptional facility it is today.

Snowpine Kennels and Cattery comes highly recommended by local vets and their staff, many of whom entrust their own pets to its care. This is a testament to the outstanding quality of service provided.

The facilities are meticulously maintained, with regular upgrades and maintenance to ensure the utmost cleanliness and comfort for all furry guests. Heated kennels are available upon request.

The dog kennels

The kennels offer ample space for your pets to move around comfortably. Dogs from different families are never housed together, ensuring a safe and personalised experience for each pet. Additionally, if you have more than two pets in your family, Snowpine Kennels & Cattery can accommodate them in one of their spacious family kennels to ensure their comfort during their stay.


Each kennel features a cozy 'hideaway' bedroom. Comfy bedding and raised beds ensure maximum comfort. Plus, the kennels are fully walled, reducing fence-related stress and minimizing the risk of disease transmission.


Dogs enjoy two meals a day, served with high-quality pellets and a choice of freshly cooked chicken or ostrich meat, generously smothered in gravy. Special dietary needs are happily accommodated and must be prearranged.

Exercise Areas

The expansive exercise areas provide ample shade and are stocked with toys like balls, shoes, dummy tugs, and Frisbees. And for those dogs who love a game of fetch, our staff are happy to play 'thrower'!

Heated Kennels

For chilly nights, heated kennels are available upon request to keep our guests warm and snug.


Regular weekly brushing ensures each guest looks their best, additional grooming services can be arranged upon request.

Flea & Tick Control

Your pet’s health is taken seriously. All dogs are treated with Frontline upon arrival to prevent any pesky flea or tick infestations.


For the safety of all guests, valid rabies, standard canine vaccinations, and kennel cough vaccinations are required prior to boarding.

The cattery

Cats often take a little longer to adjust to new surroundings compared to dogs. In the first couple of days, they tend to prefer some quiet time to observe their surroundings before fully exploring and socialising.


The cattery provides a safe and secure environment. Even in the rare event of a cat escaping, there's a designated enclosed area where they remain safe. Each cat has their own space, complete with soft beds, private litter boxes, and scratching posts.


Snowpine Kennels & Cattery provide their feline guests with a high-quality diet, with options like Iams or Royal Canin available round the clock. Evening treats may include Pampers, Lucky Pet, or Whiskas sachets, depending on preference. Special dietary needs are happily accommodated and must be prearranged.

Exercise Areas

The cattery opens up to allow more active cats to enjoy some outdoor time, whether it's rolling in the grass, playing, or soaking up the sun.

Heated Cattery

Yes, heated accommodation is available for those chilly days and nights.

Flea & Tick Control

To ensure the health and comfort of our guests, all cats receive Frontline treatment upon arrival to prevent any potential flea or tick issues.


For the safety of all guests, valid rabies and standard feline vaccinations are required prior to boarding.


Opening Hours

Monday - Friday 9:00 - 16:30



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