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Global Paws created the Traveller Comfort Pack to provide safety, comfort and security for your pets while they are in transit, traversing the globe, moving home with you.
Moving to a new city or country is an exciting adventure, but it can also be quite unsettling. From securing a job to finding a new home and settling into a different culture, there's a lot to consider… This uproot can affect our furry companions too.
That's why we diligently explored various avenues to find natural solutions and discovered the remarkable Calming Collars for Dogs and Calming Gel for Cats. These products work wonders in reducing anxiety and stress for pets embarking on their journey.
We understand that pets may feel uneasy when confined in a travel crate for the first time. That's why we recommend pet travel crate training and even offer the pre-delivery of your pet's crate 2 – 3 weeks before their departure.
Comfort is our top priority, particularly as the travel crate will serve as their sanctuary for several hours throughout the journey. Bearing this in mind, we at Global Paws have crafted our own Pet Travel Bedding, tailored to fit each pet travel crate perfectly.
Lastly, our skilled craftsmen meticulously construct their travel crates in compliance with all airline and IATA regulations, using quality timber to ensure they are robust, secure, and safe. Plus, ample ventilation keeps your pets in top condition throughout their journey and beyond.
For more details on each product, feel free to explore them separately.

Pet travel bedding

Introducing our Pet Travel Bedding, meticulously designed to ensure your furry friend's comfort and well-being during both short trips and long journeys. We've crafted this bedding with your pet's comfort and the durability of the product in mind.
The Pet Travel Bedding consists of four layers:

•  The top layer features Vet Fur, crafted from high-quality, non-toxic synthetic fur material. This soft and plush fur      offers comfort and joint support to your pet while they're in transit. Designed to retain heat and promote air        circulation, it's ideal for keeping your pet cozy throughout the journey. Originally developed for veterinary          practices, Vet Fur is widely used in Europe, particularly for elderly, disabled, or recovering pets.

•  Beneath the Vet Fur lies an Absorbent Pad made from non-toxic gel beads and fluff pulp. This pad quickly            absorbs any liquids, ensuring that the surface remains dry to the touch. Its rhombus shape channels liquids          away, while a waterproof back sheet prevents leakage.

•   Adding extra comfort and softness, there's a layer of Batting Material beneath the absorbent pad.

•  The back of the bedding is crafted from durable canvas or denim material, forming a sturdy "pillow case"          along with the Vet Fur layer.

















Our Pet Travel Bedding is reusable. Simply remove the gel absorbent pad and batting material, then toss the pillowcase into the washing machine for easy cleaning. You can use the pillowcase as is or fill it with a memory foam or thin mattress for added comfort.
Your pet's comfort is our top priority, and our Pet Travel Bedding is designed to provide just that, ensuring a comfortable and stress-free journey for your beloved companion.

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calming collars for dogs

Calming collars for dogs provide a gentle and natural way to help alleviate your pet's stress and anxiety during travel. Unlike tranquilizers, which are not recommended by Veterinary Medical Associations and are refused by airlines, calming collars offer a safe alternative. Most veterinarians, including Global Paws, recommend using these collars to help keep your dog calm during the journey. What sets these collars apart is not only their effectiveness for up to 30 days but also their natural approach to calming your pet.

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How does it work?

Mother dogs naturally communicate with their puppies using comforting messages known as pheromones, which are released into the air. These messages provide a sense of security and comfort to dogs of all ages. The calming collar mimics these pheromones by releasing a synthetic copy of the dog-appeasing pheromone, helping dogs feel reassured and relaxed in challenging situations.
When the calming collar is in contact with the dog's skin, the body heat warms it, promoting the diffusion of these comforting messages into the surrounding environment. Therefore, it's important for the collar to remain in close contact with the dog's skin at all times to be effective.

how quickly does a calming collar work?

Once fitted to your dog, the calming collar begins diffusing comforting messages immediately. It's important to adjust the collar properly and check regularly to ensure it fits correctly. If it's too loose, it won't be warmed enough by the body heat to work effectively.
Many dog owners notice positive changes within the first 7 days of using the collar. However, every dog is unique, so the time it takes to see results may vary. Factors such as the duration and severity of the signs can influence this. We recommend fitting the calming collar at least 2 weeks before your pet's departure to allow ample time for adjustment.

CalmEze Gel for cats

CalmEze Gel for cats offers a nutritional solution to ease stress and anxiety in our feline friends. With a delicious salmon flavor, it helps instill confidence and a sense of well-being in cats, promoting relaxation in various stressful situations.
Whether it's during weaning, separation, travel, or adjusting to a new environment, CalmEze Gel provides relief from anxiety and promotes a calm state of mind. It's a handy tool to have, especially when preparing your cat for travel a few weeks in advance.
CalmEze can also serve as a helpful tool for addressing long-term behavioural issues in cats.

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Optional pheromone diffuser

While packing up your home before your cat's journey, consider using a pheromone diffuser for cats as well. A pheromone diffuser releases a synthetic copy of the facial pheromone and is proven to reassure and comfort cats, helping them cope with changes in their environment or other stressful situations, such as packing up your home.

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Travel crate training

Training your pet to feel comfortable in their travel crate is essential for their well-being during the journey to your new home.
First and foremost, it's crucial to introduce the crate gradually and positively. Avoid closing your pet inside the crate immediately as this may cause fear rather than comfort. Instead, place the crate in a room where you and your pet spend time together. For wooden travel crates, ensure they are kept indoors or in a sheltered area to maintain their condition.
To make the crate inviting, place familiar-smelling items like blankets or your recently worn t-shirt inside, along with your pet's favourite toys or treats. Encourage your pet to explore the crate on their own, praising them for doing so.
Gradually introduce feeding near the crate and eventually inside it, moving the food bowl further in as your pet becomes more comfortable. Initially, close the crate door for short intervals while you remain in the room, praising your pet for their calm behavior. If your pet becomes anxious, speak to them soothingly and open the door once they've settled.
Continue this process, gradually increasing the time your pet spends in the crate and eventually leaving the room while they're inside. If possible, move the crate to your bedroom at night once your pet is comfortable spending time inside.
With patience and positive reinforcement, your pet will come to view the crate as a safe haven rather than a place of punishment. Many of our clients find that their pets become so attached to their crates that they continue using them even after their travels.

Simulate travel movement

Once your pet is relaxed and at ease in the crate, gradually introduce movement simulations. Begin by gently moving the crate around while your pet is inside. Then, transition to placing the crate in the car and taking short drives. This will help your pet acclimate to motion while inside the crate.

Desensitisation to noise and sounds

To help your pet become accustomed to noises they may encounter during travel, such as airplanes, airports, and forklifts, you can download and play recordings of these sounds. Begin by playing the sounds at a low volume once your pet is comfortable with the crate, then gradually increase the volume. Pair the sounds with positive reinforcement, such as treats, praise, and calm interaction, to create a positive association.



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