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Animals embarking on an international journey must meet specific veterinary requirements tailored to their destination country before departure. The duration of veterinary preparations can vary significantly, ranging from weeks to months, depending on the requirements of the destination country. While some countries may only demand a microchip and a rabies vaccination, others might necessitate additional steps such as a Rabies Titre Blood Test, Brucella Canis Blood Test, internal and external parasite treatments, etc. that might entail a waiting period before a pet can travel. Want to know more? Visit our country requirements page

Global Paws offer comprehensive guidance

Ultimately, adhering to the guidance provided by your dedicated consultant is paramount to ensuring your pet is thoroughly prepared for travel within the required timeframe.
At Global Paws, we go beyond merely booking your pet's airline ticket; we provide comprehensive guidance on navigating the intricate veterinary requirements and customs clearance procedures of different countries. With daily international pet relocations, we stay updated with the latest information sourced from State Vets, Airlines, IATA, and other IPATA members worldwide.
Your consultant team will assess your pet's current veterinary documentation to determine their travel preparedness and advise you accordingly on the next steps. Regardless of the level of veterinary preparation required for your pet's journey, your dedicated pet travel consultants will offer the necessary guidance to ensure timely travel readiness.

Do not trust everything you read on social media, online or even some veterinary practices

We strongly advise against relying solely on social media and internet resources for pet travel requirements, as this information may not always be up to date. Our consultants have access to the most current information sourced directly from fellow IPATA agents or Government Offices in destination countries. Similarly, while your vet is an expert in pet health, they may not be fully informed about the latest pet travel requirements.

General Export Veterinary Guidelines to consider:

  • Before purchasing a new puppy or kitten with the intention of transporting it abroad, consult with your dedicated consultant to understand the specific requirements of the destination country. Some countries may have age restrictions or allow travel based on the mother's vaccination status.

  • Microchipping is a mandatory export requirement for all pets leaving South Africa. Ensure that your pet is microchipped before or on the same day as their rabies vaccination.

  • A valid rabies vaccination is essential for international travel. This means the vaccination must have been administered no more than one year and no less than thirty days before the intended travel date. However, some countries like New Zealand may have different requirements, such as a vaccination older than 6 months but not exceeding 1 year.

  • While not always required for travel, it's important to keep your pet's annual canine and feline vaccinations up to date for their overall health.

  • If your pet needs to stay at a boarding kennel before travel, most reputable establishments will require a valid vaccination certificate, including kennel cough vaccination.

  • Many countries require an import permit, so it's crucial to check the specific requirements for your destination and consult with your dedicated consultant.

  • Some destinations necessitate government laboratory blood testing for various diseases. The most common test is the Rabies Antibody Titre Test, which is mandatory for countries like the UK, EU countries, Australia, New Zealand, and others. Your consultant will provide guidance on this.

  • A Health Certificate is required for all pets departing South Africa, but the timing of when it needs to be issued depends on the specific requirements of the destination country. Your consultant will advise you accordingly on this matter.


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